Physical Address
123 Marion St.
Hamburg, PA 19526

Billing Address
142 Marion St.
Hamburg, PA 19526

Garbage Removal,
Dumpsters, and Roll
Off Container Service

Nesters Sanitation, Inc. is a family owned business providing 50+ years of dependable garbage collection for residential and commercial customers at reasonable rates in Northern Berks and Southern Schuylkill counties. Experience our garbage removal services by reaching Nester’s Sanitation, Inc. at (610) 562-7673 or contact us online for more information.
We offer curbside pick-up with using your cans or bags or if you’d like, we will provide a 95 Gallon Tote Trash Container for a small fee.

Important Information

Recently we were informed that another company has been soliciting door-to-door to gain access in the area by overtaking another company’s business. They will pressure you by stating all your neighbors have just switched to them which isn’t the case. I can’t tell you not to switch to another company. That is your choice; however, I can offer you some tips to protect yourself from a scam or switching to a company who has a terrible rating:

Check their rating on the Better Business Bureau and read all of the complaints against the company.
Research the company by going on the internet and read reviews left by other consumers.
Check to see if there are any pending lawsuits from municipalities.

If the company tells you that they recycle the same day as you put out your trash—most likely it is going to the landfill. They may tell you that they have people separating the trash from the recyclables at the land fill. NOT TRUE. We recycle once per month, on a different day than your trash day, to ensure that it goes to the recycling plant.

If you’re going to sign up with them, make sure you read the contract in full, there may be a clause in there that the salesperson is not telling you about like the $75 fee they will impose if you do not cancel within 3 business days. And if they don’t answer their phone or get back to you within a timely manner— this could also be a red flag.

Our company is truly blessed to have all of you as customers and I thank you for being wonderful customers!